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Application to the guild

My main's name is chantos lvl 85 priest Disc/Shadow here is the armoury link also have a level 85 shammy elemental/ enhancement named Khazz.
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chantos3257Member avatar small chantos 8y
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I will be leaving soon and the wife requests that I not raid my last weekend home. So barring any other unforeseen events you probably won't see me online after tonight until I'm on R&R. I may sneak on now and again before I leave to get a l...
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Stjames10567Small Liesmith 8y
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Ozruk vs. Everyone

Stole this from a friend:Ozruk will kill Deathwing.I know this to be true. Ozruk kills everyone.EVERYONE.LFD has taught me this.Deathwing will be like "I am Deathwing, Vanquisher of Life, Aspect of Death, Deliverer of Death's Dying..." and Ozruk w...
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Account Was Just Hacked

My account was just HACKED. Dammit! I just put some stuff on the AH, then logged off. I was on the WoW Forums and I noticed my toon wasn't wearing any armor. Fearing the worst I logged on and sure enough, they sold everything in my bank and the cl...
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Best Marmot in a while (RNG)

Don't be that guy!Basically RNG happens, the good players deal with it by planning ahead and using all of their abilities, the bad players make excuses. Be the former, not the latter ... and accept responsibility when you fail.
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I'm sure most of you are aware of the upcoming Star Wars MMO. Just wanted to start a thread to get an idea of how many people may be interested in playing this. Recently they put up a page for guilds and we can start up a guild and reserve our nam...
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Kill videos.

So I've been having a bunch of free time with my easy ass semester and I've always kinda wanted to do this (making game videos). So I'm curious if any of their teams would like to show their epic sauce through some video. If you'd like to theres f...
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Oomkinn7606Small clarawhoa 8y
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Unguilded/Rabidity - We have your Helm

We'll trade it for anything we can sell honestly. I don't think anyone has any of the BoE's we need as a group so rather than sell the Helm give us your sellable BoE and have something you can use.
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feral12676Member avatar small Unguilded 8y
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Anyone who raids Sunday/Monday nights, I can give you cauldrons

The deal is you'll need to be able to invite/summon me to your raid but I pop on ~8pm and drop a cauldron for MiMs. I can easy enough drop one for you guys too. Probably better for me to do it before I drop the MiMs cauldron but I dunno what tim...
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feral2223Small Unicron 8y
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If you've never seen Legendary (the wow TV show), this is the episode to get into it

It's a weekly show that goes over the state of WoW and discusses things like progression, patches, development, blizzcon, etc ... and in general is hella-funny."If you're not a TI-86, then your damage probably went up after the patch."here it is
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feral1225Small feral 8y
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Rift beta today!

As the title says the rift beta starts today. Post your realm, faction and character name!
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Nethemir5342Member avatar small Bryan 8y
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Lore reviews the current tier of raiding

Is it too hard?It's a pretty good marmot basically reviewing the difficulty of the current tier. Compared to any other tier of content blizzard has ever made this one has taken the longest to clear ... which is a good thing for semi-serious or se...
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feral1153Small feral 8y
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App To H&A

Hello I had once been in HnA and was looking to join your ranks again. My previous toons in H&A were Whatdafahell and Senus. I am available to raid 5-6 days a week. I have soem decent gear not the best its still a work in progress but im ste...
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World First Sinestra

Yes, it was Paragon
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xliv16911Small Unicron 8y
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United Nations

Apparently the achievement United Nations only takes tally for one person, that being the person with the most exalted reputations in guild. So whoever has 50 exalted reputations should speak up so we can grind away towards our achievement.
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Nethemir5298Small Timmar 8y
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Interested in HnA rated BGs? Speak up!

Hi All-After 15 months away, I am back to WoW and starting to learn where things are in game once again. I know that HnA is doing 10 man raids from now on, but I am interested in seeing who would be down for semi-regular Rated BG nights?I am hopi...
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Xombie18914Small clarawhoa 8y
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Grats HnA!! (3rd place horde guild)'re 3rd on the horde right now for 10 mans and 24th overall. This represents a lot of hard work from all of the 10 mans to push content and progress well. HnA has always been home to ...
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Awesome site I just heard about on the WoW blog top end DPS, per fight/spec. You can see where your individual performances rate and you can toggle between 10 and 25 man. Of course it's not so interesting to compare your individual performance as it is to see where...
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unguilded has been hacked, i removed his toons from HnA.i also kicked freefoot after a few un-answered tells.
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A good video on how to take your gameplay to the next level

Lore discusses some of what separates good players from great ones.I can vouch for most of his tips and tricks, specially power auras, best damned mod in the game imho.
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feral2175Small OBZERVO 8y