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#3455586 Nov 11, 2010 at 02:26 AM
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I'll be putting everything into perspective in this thread, from the events that led up to these recent changes to our direction going into Cataclysm. I'll try and be concise, but the boat's been rocked, so bear with me.

First up, and a fairly obvious event for anybody that has logged in for the past few days, would be that I've succeeded Nakargis in the position of GM for Honor and Arms. Real life's a bitch, and Nak stepped down in order to let those of us who have the luxury of time continue playing under the same roof. I'll not go too deep into this, but despite his absence in the later part of Wrath, he helped guide H&A into a premiere progression guild on SR Horde in TBC, and a strong start in WotLK, and I'm glad I was able to be a part of the guild during this time, both as a raider and part of the administration. This being said, it's time for some change, and that change is going to be with me at the helm. Sort of.

My first change is a pretty biggun; We are dropping the 25m framework we wore bare in the guild's long tenure, and adopting a 10m mindset. 25's in Cataclysm lose one of their biggest appeals, this being the loot carrot. While they'll still drop *more* loot, the quality will be the same as that of 10's. In addition to this, supposedly 10m content will be as difficult as 25m. As the majority of those who have remained were raiding unsanctioned 10's under a decaying 25m framework for the better end quarter of Wrath, I find this the best direction to take. The only guilds I can see sticking with 25's are those who fared better than we did throughout Wrath, or have the manpower to do so; on Horde SR, this isn't a considerable number of guilds. So, to sum it up:


Before I get surprised replies to those that didn't spy me changing ranks and the guild bank to accommodate this (more on that later), I'll make it clear that I *personally* do not have the time to run a 25m raiding guild, and my apologies if this is a game-breaker for you. I took the guild from Nak only after I made this clear to him. I've done the big raids for my entire WoW gaming experience, and I'll miss them. However, 10's can be a blast, and I'm sure H&A can serve as a great canvas for a fun environment to cater to those willing to give 10's a chance.

As was stated, H&A will now play host to a number of guild-sanctioned 10m groups. As I write this, there are 3 more or less confirmed, and I'm going to try and put together a 4th through those in the guild who've no team yet want to continue raiding with us, bolstered by minor recruitment if it comes down to it that I'll personally handle. I'll also be on the lookout for interested whole groups wanting to join up; the more groups that pull their weight, the better we're off. No official recruitment process, no long apps, just action. Said 10m groups will be largely independent, running under the H&A tag for collective perks and a social atmosphere. Each group will receive a sub-forum on the official site, a guild bank tab, a unique rank in the guild giving them private access to the bank, and 2 positions as officer representatives. These reps will get the officer rank, and will serve as their respective group leads, as well as being the voice of their group on whatever meta matters will arise. This way, each group can do their own thing, while being assured that they have equal weight on guild matters that should arise. TL;DR:


I'll touch on something I hope to see much less of, though shouldn't be as much of a problem; drama. Teams running independently leaves little room for inter-team drama in-game, given each group will have equal say, but drama will NOT be tolerated in meta matters. I'm talking zero-tolerance policy here. If you have a problem with somebody in your team, talk with your team representatives. If you have a problem with somebody on a different team but still in-guild, utilize the ignore function, or deal with it. If it's absolutely serious, it'll be dealt with through myself, but I'm not going to deal with petty manchild stuff. Keep a semblance to a positive social environment, or you'll find yourself out on your bum.

I'd be surprised if this direction didn't have its share of naysayers, as this may seem a bit familiar to those who remember the start of The Burning Crusade, and the Karazhan group fiasco. Long story short, groups got imbalanced, people bawwww'd, and everything became a mess for awhile. I don't mean for this to happen, and am pretty sure that everything'll work out fine as long as team reps lead their groups in their own style/take responsibility for their groups. With independence comes a bit more weight on your shoulders, but also an environment within which lies great potential.
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Sounds very well organized if you ask me. And if that's true about cata, that 10/25 mans will drop the same loot and be the same difficulty, strict 10mans seem the logical choice. 25mans, while fun, are chaotic and generally more disorganized than a 10man. I look forward to raiding with you guys and establishing a name for myself here at Honor And Arms.
#3457776 Nov 11, 2010 at 12:57 PM
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Again while new to the guild, sounds like your more than competent in leading everyone down a path that will be rewarding both in and out of game. I look forward to what the future holds.
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#3461552 Nov 12, 2010 at 08:40 AM
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wtf no 25m?


"Do I secretly wish that I could make a raid full of 10 me's so that everyone would be pro? Yes."
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posting to see my sprite i animated. "Mmm, tastes peachy..."
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fuck yeah SMRPG, fuck yeah
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