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In the subject: Put your character name, class and spec (and server if not on Zul'Jin currently)

Please provide a link to your armory:

Please give a brief summary of your current relevant raid experience: FL 6/7H - DS 1/8H

Do you know any current raiders of Honor and Arms who would vouch for your capabilities?
No, but they are all baddies.

Can you make our raid times? Tuesday/Thursday from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm EST?
Yes, happily every week! I'll even show up 10-15 minutes in advance and be prepared to start right at 8! (It's insane, I know)

Where do you find information on boss strategies and how to maximize your potential? (such as websites/forums or even other skilled players)
Various places for boss strategies from youtube(fatboss), to icyveins, to learn2raid. Plus a few more I might be forgetting. I consistently read up on my class and spec on EJ and follow some of the worlds top mages on armory to try to myself stay on the cutting edge of gemming, reforging, and whatever else it is I may need to know.

Can you take constructive criticism?
Of course, I'm in it to be the best that I can be and to help out the 9 other people in my group as much as possible. If there is something I can do better, I want to know it ASAP.

Is there anything you would like for us to know? Or any last words?
I'm fairly shy until you get to know me. Oh, and I like purples. Thanks for considering my app!
"Do I secretly wish that I could make a raid full of 10 me's so that everyone would be pro? Yes."
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