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[Pinned] Stormrage and the state of the Horde (Thread closed)

I'll put words here once I type it up outside of this message box.Thread will be about potentially moving the guild, and thoughts/opinions concerning the condition of SR.~If you've been playing on SR for any sizable amount of time, you know we're ...
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Guild News

[Pinned] The lowdown: H&A and change, a peek at what's to come

I'll be putting everything into perspective in this thread, from the events that led up to these recent changes to our direction going into Cataclysm. I'll try and be concise, but the boat's been rocked, so bear with me.First up, and a fairly obvi...
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Guild News

Raid Interest in Pandaria aside any 10 or 25 stuff and anything that follows along with it, I need a list of people who are willing and able to raid. If you name isn't yet included in the table i...
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Guild News

PvP? Saturday?

This is mainly to Agnew/Solaraxe/Adfecto since I know you guys actually like to pvp. How about it? Late afternoon/early evening Saturday? I should be on between 4-5 pm. Would be fun to roll a few BGs for awhile. Of course, all are welcome!
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Guild News

Attention current HnA members

We have a new raid team with HnA, Team Weekend. They are also 1/8H and have decided to join up with us. If you were apart of ToD or moved over with us from SR and are interested in possibly raiding with them, please respond to this post with info ...
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xliv11896Member avatar small stinkywow1 5y
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Server Xfer Roster/New names

If you're coming to Zul'jin with us, post here with your planned character name on the new realm. Edit: Fun fact, I don't have an authenticator, and the account needs to have been on one for 7 days in order to xfer a guild. I just placed an order ...
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Guild News

In case you missed the notes:

Raid Finder•The Raid Finder will be introduced in Patch 4.3, it will work like the Dungeon Finder.Thoughts: i smell Pugs o fun
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T-Toe2277Member avatar small Krug 6y
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Firelands? OMG wha du I du?

So like, um.... who knows exactly what we need to do when Firelands hits?What strategies are people using to prepare?I'm too lazy to go find the information myself... any good links?Our teams have done a great job in End game progression, whats th...
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Guild News

Defenders of a shattered world!

A big congratulations goes out to MiMs and The SS for successfully clearing the first tier of raiding content in Cataclysm. We did it before the first major content patch too! The competition was fierce but MiMs took the title first (this time!!...
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Ramnath2322Member avatar small Medieve 6y
Guild News

Free Agent

Well I am now a free agent from my raid team, it fell apart. If anyone needs a back up tank for a raid, please let me know. ThanksAcinad
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Rival5495Member avatar small Duffman 6y
Guild News

Dear Solar

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Guild News

All teams: Raid comp tool

I did it all manually weeks ago but this is pretty slick :)
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Guild News

It's official we have a website!

What news?Nothing is new.We're waiting for Cataclysm to drop!
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